About Footprints Conservation Society

Footprints Conservation Society is a Greater Vancouver, BC based charitable organization dedicated to inspiring, educating and encouraging children to make choices that result in a healthy, happy life for themselves and our planet.

Footprints Conservation Society provides well rounded, captivating programs for children that include workshops, guest speakers, fieldtrips, community projects and environmental education packets. Our programs provide a fun, hands-on learning experience for students, teachers and parents alike.


A community of young, talented and motivated leaders driven with intent to build a self-sustaining and peaceful future for our planet.

Education Today... For A Better Future Tomorrow

Education Today...
For A Better Future Tomorrow

Environmental Mission

Our mission is to increase public awareness of non-toxic living, recycling practices, conservation of natural resources and options for sustainable development that help to reduce our footprint on the Earth. Children are the future of our planet and they harness the power of change! The choices they make will strongly affect the ecological sustainability of the world in which we live and depend. Through providing educational activities for children to learn how they can make a positive impact on the environment, Footprints Conservation Society hopes to provide them with the resources they need to make strong choices for the future of Planet Earth!

  • Provide environmental education to children across the lower mainland
  • Improve communities through local, student-led projects
  • To provide young community leaders with resources and opportunities to become active, informed citizens, develop grass-roots initiatives in a project-oriented environment, and enhance the quality of life in communities throughout the lower mainland
  • Provide local groups with resources required to complete environmental goals supported by the community
Our Programs
  1. Educating Youth

    Environmental MissionOur educational workshop, “How Big Is My Foot?!” motivates children ages 6 – 12 to understand the power they have to make a positive change in the world. Students will understand our society’s dependence on Earth’s natural resources and have an understanding of the concepts of “sustainable living” and ways to reduce their Ecological Footprint. Certified as “Earth Heroes” by the end of our workshop, children will learn about the importance of eating whole, nutritious food, reducing carbon emissions, conserving our natural resources, re-using and recycling and will further appreciate our connection to the Earth and our environment.

  2. Community Workshops

    Footprints Conservation Society offers quarterly workshops for children, youth and adults to further their education. Workshops cover a wide array of subject matter from educating the community about selecting, planning, and implementing their own community projects, planning and planting a garden, healthy eating practices, candle-making, and many other courses designed to improve quality of life.

  3. Community Projects

    Community projects are an integral part of our program. Footprints Conservation Society funds projects selected within the lower mainland that meet local needs while promoting youth leadership and creating opportunities for communities to come together. →View Current & Upcoming Projects

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