Planting the Seed

2010 "Planting The Seed" Fundraising Gala

Footprints Conservation Society is pleased to announce that its 2010 “Planting The Seed” fundraising gala was a great success! This event was held at the beautiful Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam, BC on December 10, 2010. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our organization and our fundraising goals!

Guests enjoyed a delightful dinner catered by Fred Soofi of Pasta Polo, door prizes, entertainment, guest speakers, a raffle and a silent auction. A big thank you to all of the individuals and sponsors who supported this fun-filled night. All proceeds from the event are going towards a children’s tree planting project in Panorama Park and expanding educational programs.

Pictures From The Night

Event Organizers Wake Coquitlam City Council Members
Mayor Richard Stewart
Silent Auctionc
Our Fundraising Goals

For our 2010 Planting The Seed gala we have chosen to make a substantial contribution towards the facilitation of a children’ s tree planting program in Panorama Park. All funds raised will help support our environmental education programs in elementary and middle schools across Greater Vancouver as well as provide children in Coquitlam the opportunity to plant forestry in Panorama Park (Westwood Plateau) in Spring 2011.

About Panorama Park

Panorama Park is located at 1481 Johnson Street, Coquitlam BC and is closely situated to many elementary and middle schools including Panorama Heights Elementary School. The 3345-m2 site can accommodate over 1100 trees and approximately 4500 shrubs. Panorama Park was originally intended for planting two years ago, but was put on the backburner when funding for the site fell through. Given the size of the park, planting the entire site would cost over $30,000. Footprints Conservation Society’ s goal is to provide a minimum donation of $5,000 to allow for children in the elementary and middle schools that use this park an opportunity to plant forestry in Spring 2011.

About Our Educational Programs

Our educational workshop, “ How Big Is My Foot?!” motivates children ages 6 - 12 to understand the power they have to make a positive change in the world. Students will understand our society’ s dependence on Earth’ s natural resources and have an understanding of the concepts of “ sustainable living” and ways to reduce their Ecological Footprint. Certified as “ Earth Heroes” by the end of our workshop, children will learn about the importance of eating whole, nutritious food, reducing carbon emissions, conserving our natural resources, re-using and recycling and will further appreciate our connection to the Earth and our environment.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to be a sponsor? We are in the process of collecting in-kind gift sponsorships to be used as raffle and silent auction items, as well as cash donations for this fundraising event. There are many benefits to sponsoring our 2010 fundraising gala! Find out more.

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