Current & Upcoming Projects

Community projects are an integral part of our program. Footprints Conservation Society funds projects selected within Greater Vancouver that meet local needs while promoting youth leadership and creating opportunities for communities to come together.

Environmental Education Programs
Environmental Education

Footprints Conservation Society is continuously putting together educational programs for children to further the awareness of environmental issues. Our programs are designed as fun, interactive lessons that provide children with information and support to make educated choices about how they affect their environment and provide them with the tools to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves and future generations. Environmental Education Programs are currently based in Vancouver, BC.

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Footprints Entertainment Department

Footprints Conservation Society is thrilled to be launching its entertainment department later this year. All projects presented by our entertainment department will be designed to educate the public about the conservation of our planet and will include:

  • Film Production
  • Music Production
  • Concerts
  • Events & Workshops

Do you have an upcoming event you would like our assistance with? Contact Us with details! Please visit our Upcoming Community Events Page for a complete list of events around Vancouver!

Please visit our Upcoming Community Events Page for a complete list of events around Vancouver!

Corporate Learning Packages
Corporate Learning Packages

Footprints Conservation Society provides consulting, support, and resources to help individuals and organizations without the experience, knowledge or capital to reduce their footprint on the environment and make “environmentally friendly” choices. Footprints Conservations Society focuses on four concepts when assisting your business:

  1. sustainable development
  2. corporate responsibility
  3. stakeholder theory
  4. corporate accountability theory

As consumer demands shift towards a more ecologically friendly perspective, corporate organizations are being forced with the challenge of providing environmentally conscious and sustainable products, marketing and development. Footprints Conservation Society provides a straightforward approach to meeting these consumer demands. All services are provided by fully trained Sustainable Business Practitioners.

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