What Is My "Footprint"

An "Ecological Footprint" helps to measure human consumption of our natural resources. On a daily basis we draw from the Earth to support our livelihood with carbon, housing, food, goods and services. These five factors make up the measurement of our Footprint. Through analyzing human demand on our planet’s ecosystems we are able to determine the ability of land and sea to regenerate our natural resources, or the number of "Earths" required to sustain our current consumption levels.

The measure of our Ecological Footprint is imperative for the future of our planet and the human population. Not only is it a very clear representation of our demands on planet Earth, it gives us a idea of how we are over-consuming our ecological resources; therefore creating a future for our planet that may not be as desirable. Recording Ecological Footprints provide us with the ability to compare different countries and their individual consumption of Earth’s natural resources as well as make an assessment over time of each generation’s consumption practice.

Measure Your Footprint

Understanding your individual footprint helps you to comprehend the amount of natural resources that are required on an everyday basis to regenerate the resources you consume and to absorb and make harmless the waste you create.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your individual ecological footprint on Planet Earth is? How much do you depend on the Earth’s natural resources? What changes can you make to reduce your impact on the Earth?

Visit www.myfootprint.org to calculate your Ecological Footprint. This great resource makes it possible to assess how many planet Earths it would take to sustain your current lifestyle.

Find out 10 Things You Can Do Now to reduce your Footprint.

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